Written by: Zanita Whittington

Outfit-8c Outfit-8a

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I don’t even know how long ago these images were taken… I have thousands and thousands of pics on my hardrive. I have maybe 20 outfits I’ve photographed and yet to have the chance to post – I can say I wore this in Amsterdam about two months ago – also I’ve got a bit of a tan so I can deduce that the pics were snapped after my sojourn Croatia/Italy/Turkey and not before.  I figure I can still post these pics, the outfit is still something I would love to wear today so cheers to that.

I’m currently in catch-up mode, staying with my family in Esperance and a confession, I’ve been wearing pyjamas all day for five days straight. It’s hot in Sydney but down south here – it’s cold enough that I’ve been lighting a fire each day. Perfect for tackling mountains of emails with a jug of hot tea. In other news I’m taking a kind of holiday in Sweden – I’ve endured just one month of real winter in two years so I feel I’m due for that special kind of rugging up that a city like Stockholm certainly demands in the very very cooler months. Can’t wait to switch off just that little bit more for an extended period of time!


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