The Walls and The Sun

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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photos, Sophie – editing, me

An interruption in my fashion week coverage (expect more of these) to bring you an outfit shot… months ago. I’ve had two recent trips to Dubrovnik and this here is a feature from my first trip, shared with my friends Sophie and Rebecca. These images were shot atop the city walls, looking out at a utterly magnificent view of the sunset. Take me back! I actually place more value on posting these now out of pure nostalgia. European summer is over… almost time to return to Australia. Nooooo! At least the weather is going to be great – but I love being in Europe so much. Going to move here asap.

Wearing a classic silky shirt and a statement necklace from Marcs, some retro baggy shorts from AA and Country Road wedges, the outfit is practical and still my own kind of quirky chic.

shirt, Marcs

necklace, Marcs

bag, After The Apple

shoes, Country Road

shorts, American Apparel