Capri Now

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Take me back. Editing these images now and pining so much for a return. My time in Capri was so brief and I feel a little like I couldn’t take it in a much as I would have liked because of my work load prior to arriving. Holidays are always so much more enjoyable in hinesight though right? And so my apologies that this post is yet again – late as it possibly could be. Doing my best to pump out everything I’m producing but I’m so time poor right now! Counting the days until my break. It’s been a long and exhilarating month.

Capri was potentially the most picturesque destination I visited on my Contiki tour – particularly the blue caves and the incredible rocky bays surrounding the island – and the way the town climbed up and up to the most incredible views over the ocean. You can see more of my own also Jess and Nicole‘s adventures on Contiki Chronicles.

shirt and hat, From some tourist store on Capri…

shorts, Vintage

sunglasses, Nick Campbell