This Moment

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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pics, Sophie Braland

A second sunset series photographed at the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace – and why not? It’s simply such a magical view, I’ve really never seen a sunset like it, the most perfect  pastel pinks, yellow, orange hues – contrasted with the perfect blue of the Adriatic Sea. Surely nothing can compare!

Guess I can’t really add a whole load more here other than I’ve borrowed my friend Sophie’s gorgeous Life With Bird dress for these shots – and I’m the proud owner of the green version featured here on my trip to Thailand. It’s a sparkling 35C outside but today is my day for catching up on so much work so I won’t be having a whole load of time to enjoy it. Thankfully the heat doesn’t die here and an evening swim (i’m talking 8pm) is totally on the cards so it won’t be a whole day wasted. Even though I’m here in this magical location my work commitments just can’t stop and its hard not to be distracted when I do have the chance for some downtime. Shot these images a couple days ago, Sophie and I had the chance to watch the light fade and listen to some great music, drinking cider. Cheers to the sun and living in moment.

Dress, Life with Bird