How To: Amsterdam

Written by: Zanita Whittington

I’m excited to present a series I’m making as part of an advertorial project, documenting the cities I see on my adventures. As you can probably tell – I’ve fallen in love with the city of Amsterdam. I just find it magical! So beautiful and unique, almost anywhere you go you’re on the water – and riding on a canal boat is such a beautiful experience. I’ve decided to compile a post with a few go to places and activities to do whilst visiting this fab city.


Riding the canals in a boat really is the best way to see the city – and I’d highly recommend hiring your own boat to get around. One option is the paddle boats which I’d seriously advise against attempting… the locals will hate you for it because they are tricky to manoeuvre around the winding canals and bridges and simply involve way too much hard work. If you can, drive a boat yourself or pay someone to do it – you’re getting the real dutch experience.

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I’ve only spent a small amount of time here in the cold – so in my mind this is a city of summer! The truth however, is that Northern europeans get a small dose of sunshine each year and they maximise every minute of it. The parks in Amsterdam are absolutely gorgeous and vibrant with life when the sun is out. The Vondelpark is the most popular but I’m a fan of the smaller Erasmuspark because it’s less crowded. On weekends they have concerts and events to attend – but any day is great for a picnic and maybe a sunbake if you’re feeling confident. I find it so strange to see people stripping off in the park but I guess if its your only chance to bronze up you’re gonna take it!

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The dutch are famous for a few specialities which I need to steer clear of because of the gluten… pancakes and sandwiches, other items made with bread. I’ve found a couple places I love to eat – Vinnie’s Deli – with organic salads and coffee, and then Rainarai for tasty Algerian cuisine.

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If you’re confident on a bike then you need to hire one. It’s the fastest way to get around and so easy to get from place to place. I used to ride a bike in Sydney but had to quit for two reasons, 1) Sydney is practically mountainous and 2) It’s a bit dangerous, drivers never expect a cyclist. Amsterdam is flat as a tack and cyclists rule the city. It seem’s like common rules don’t apply to those on bikes and you can roam where you please. It’s alot of fun when you get the hang of it!

Finally – a note on my outfit – wearing these great Country Road wedges which are totally practical (i can even ride a bike in them!) and a new favourite piece this Viktoria and Woods hoodie. Glam and casual all in one! Getting on the monochrome train like sooooo many other bloggers. Love this trend.

hoodie, Viktoria and Woods

shoes, Country Road

shorts, vintage

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handbag, After The Apple

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