Dying Light

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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pics, Rebecca Laurey – editing, Me

Now that I’m in Amsterdam with a desk to work from and excellent wifi I’m finally having the chance to get on top of all the content I’ve created over the past few weeks. Having my great friend Rebecca with me for an evening in Dubrovnik, we shot these images in the dying light before adventuring into town to see the sights. I love me an hawaiian shirt – especially one that works dressed up in this fashion with a cinched skirt. Wearing again my trusty Nick Campbell shades (do i wear anything else? I do have two pairs, gold and brushed silver) – I’m feeling just the right blend of quirky and classic that I’m really so fond off. Is it a little bit weird? Then it’s definitely for me.

skirt, Marcs Clothing

shades, Nick Campbell

shirt, Maison Scotch

shoes, Country Road