Zanita and Nicole – Ibiza and Paris Video Diary

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Apologies in advance – this video is pretty long. I guess its an exercise in self indulgence because I really didn’t wanna leave anything out. Now I know how fun it is to make these videos I’d probably be creating them whether I had a blog or not – because its such a great way to reminisce on a trip away. Also I know it seems a bit erratic to put Ibiza and Paris in the same video but I felt like I didn’t have enough for Ibiza to be by itself so I just threw it all in there. Later in the week or so I’m posting up Dresden and Amsterdam – but thats me and Jess!

So lucky to have shared this trip with Nicole, we both encouraged each other to work hard and kept each other in good spirits. It’s not easy travelling away on your own sometimes, going from place to place and dragging around heavy luggage – sometimes you forget to take in all the experiences because you might feel too tired or overwhelmed. When you’ve got just the right buddy by your side none of it seems hard at all. Thanks so much Nicole! And also special thanks to Louis Vuitton – there’s some footage in there I snuck from our special shoot, soon to come.

I’ve actually automated this post – and by the time its up and you’re likely reading this I’ll be winging my way to Vancouver. Look forward to sharing more once I get there!

Video by Me.

Song, Passenger – Feather on the Clyde (Stefan Biniak Private Edit)