Blogger Collaboration

The Storm

Written by: Zanita Whittington


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So I’m sure you’ve seen these pics on Nicoles blog anyway – but I have to post them – being that its collaborative effort. Was truly such a serendipitous moment, Nicole and I on a mission to get some pics with the Eiffel tower – huge storm clouds brewing and the place absolutely crawling with thousands and thousands of tourists – finding a spot with a vantage point without people was going to prove tricky. Thankfully we scored this spot by the garden where by getting super low (I mean this is me, being one with the grass – in a silky max dress no less) and finding the tower soaring in the background – angry looking clouds providing the perfect back drop with the most appropriate amount of sunshine peeking through the clouds behind me. No reflector needed – just Nicole rolling around in a faux semi ecstatic state and me burst snapping a million miles an hour.  Woo! I love these pics. See the rest here.

Meanwhile… i’ve automated this post, I’m sound asleep – scoring a few hours before my 4.30 wake-up and long long long long flight back to Australia. Dreading….