Paris x Louis Vuitton Photo Diary: Part 2

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Delighted to present to you Part 2 of my Photo Diary from my recent journey to Paris with Louis Vuitton with Jess and Nicole. Here I’ve documented Day 2 of our trip – where we had the pleasure of waking bright and early for a private tour of the LV store on the Champs Elysees, quite possibly the most famous flagship by the brand in the world. Within an hour of opening this store has a line of customers waiting to get inside to experience the fine detail in its design and the luxurious goods held within. If you ever get the chance to visit Paris then it’s a must see! It was very special to be allowed to take pictures inside and I fell deeply in love with so many pieces. The fuschia leather jacket was one such item – and I usually despise pink… a girl can dream! Our store experience was followed by a tour of the art galley on the top floor of the building, Espace Culterel – with its new exhibit entitled ‘Alterite. Je est un autre.’. Visiting art exhibits is one past time I’m surely not indulging enough in – its always such a thought provoking and unsettling experience and visiting this exhibit was no exception. Topped of with some incredibly scenic views of the Champs Elysees, it really was an intriguing visit.

When asked what where we fancied going to lunch – the obvious blogger reply – ‘We want to go somewhere beautiful! For instagram!’ So we settled on having a gorgeous meal in a garden restaurant beside the Louvre. At the point I feel like I’m in a dream… Not only for the beautiful surrounds – but to share with my great friends Nicole and Jess. Experiences are so much more special when shared with people you love!! And also special when you’re given them by Louis Vuitton... Thanks again to the team at LV for all of it.

The final part of this day was a styling session for our special project… more on that soon. 🙂