Paris x Louis Vuitton Photo Diary: Part 1

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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I feel a bit terrible taking such a long time getting around to posting my photo diary of the incredible time I had in Paris, shared with two of my closest friends and blogging buddies – Nicole and Jess… but then again, being that I left it to such a late hour to post it – I’m enjoying these images all the more. Sitting in chilly Sydney – its great to reflect on what a stellar experience I had, all thanks to the team at Louis Vuitton – who invited me all the way from Australia to see exactly what the brand is about and get an insight into its rich history. This is part on one of my story in Paris – as in Day 1 – where we visited what was once the family home of Louis Vuitton himself – and the workshop where all the most beautiful and exclusive custom bags and luggage are constructed. The home itself no longer houses the Vuitton family but maintains restored as a place for guests. The workshop sits alongside the home and we were given a guided tour inside to see exactly the ways a piece from Louis Vuitton is created, from a piece of leather to a Sofia Coppola bag sitting on the crook of your arm. Much of it was… a little bit top secret, so I couldn’t snap away at my hearts content. I have some video footage I can share which I think will illustrate better the  precise eye for detail and passion that goes into every item. It’s almost stressful to see how painstaking each stitch and seam is manufactured – definitely not a job for me – Miss Erratic and Disorganised! I could really see how every person in the workshop has a vested interest in the integrity of the brand. Most admirable.  We topped off our tour with a stunning lunch in the home (amazing tuna tartare!) and a little bit of retail therapy – followed by a few hours of watching the sun set in our hotel rooms (Westin Vendome – best view in paris!) and room service. Could this day have been sweeter? No way Jose.

Thankyou Louis Vuitton!