In my Bag: Travel Edition

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Feeling pretty ambitious right now, having just landed in Vancouver from over 20 hours in transit and pretty much zero sleep – I’m on the blogging front. Probably because I’m high on adrenaline – after coming into my gorgeous room at The Loden and seeing the itinerary that Secret Location (more to come on this!) have planned for me I really can’t sit still… Even better I get to share it with my friend Kristina (Kayture) and a blogger who I am really looking forward to meeting Vanessa from The Haute Pursuit!

Thought I might add a updated travel edition of  ‘In my bag’ for you all, being that I have a sparkling new handbag from Aussie brand After the Apple and my itinerary is looking CRAZY for the next couple months so there’s a few staples I want to share with you that I simply can’t do without when airborne. Travelling from Australia to Europe demands two flights of around 20 hours in total, one way. You gotta be prepared. Comfort first.

  • Handbag (After the Apple)
  • Eyemask, this is the best I’ve found. Doesn’t squash you eyeballs and accounts for a face to have a nose. (Go Travel)
  • Headphones (Aiaiai)
  • Ipad, my eyes tend to hurt and dry out from watching movies all flight – music is a must. My case is by Bookbook.
  • Neckpillow, I prefer the blow up versions, this one has a soft spongy side to it (Go Travel)
  • Passport and holder (Tommy Hilfiger). I love this holder because it has spaces for all my different sim cards.
  • Toiletries, cleanser (Le Mer), moisturiser and perfume (Jo Malone), toothbrush and toothpaste, small comb, lip balm (lanolips). Freshening up during a flight gives you a new lease of life.
  • Eye drops (not pictured), also an essential – I like the variety with the separate little vials so you have a fresh amount each use. Works better. Eyedrops go out of date quickly when opened.

Won’t really be unpacking these essentials because in just three days I’m flying from Vancouver to London… can’t stop, wont stop!!