Written by: Zanita Whittington

Outfit 80b Outfit 80a Outfit 80c

photos, Nicole Warne – edit, me

Here I am, a few weeks back, having a bit of a break on the rocks at Formentera, Ibiza. Hadn’t really intended to use this outfit for a post but the light and setting were so – why not feature something a little more casual? Feeling a little melancholy about these images because i’m heading back to Australia in a week – and I don’t want to go! It’s cold there!! I really can’t complain because I think I might even be coming back Europe as soon as next month – one thing I’m learning quick fast and in a hurry is that as a full time blogger – you gotta stay on toes! Gigs always happen at the last minute, which is something I’ve been groomed for in my career as model. I love the hectic lifestyle and thrive on chaos, it really gives me so much energy. That and I am totally, hopelessly and blindly addicted to travel. Give me a one way ticket to anywhere…

singlet and sandals, Zara

shirt and bikini, Mango

Tosha blue and pink bracelets, Swarovski

sunglasses, Nick Campbell