Oui Oui!

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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photos, Jess Stein – editing, me

Snapped outside my hotel in Paris, the gorgeous hotel Westin Vendome, where I was invited to explore a few locales as part of Louis Vuitton’s #lvsecretplaces. More on that shoot when I finish editing my Parisian photo diary  tomorrow – finally! I love Paris – and the french are so chic. I also love the sound of hearing someone talk french! Beautiful! I could be getting insulted by some guy and still believe he’s quoting a beautiful love poem at me… haha!!

Our trip to Paris was incredible, Nicole and I worked our little butts on our secret project – which I finished this week so hopefully can share ASAP. We were in Paris for 5 nights – and Nic kept telling me, “Oh its dreadful you haven’t seen everything” because we really were just working the whole time – but I felt like I didn’t miss out on a thing. For one, I got to see all the sights – all our shoot locations were some of the most famous locations in Paris. Secondly – work isn’t work for me – it’s all just part of a passion. The shoot I did with Nicole was part of a concept I had genuinely dreamed about – and to bring it to life was so freaking fulfilling. The pair of us were so damn happy once it was all done because it was not only so much fun to realise but something we both could be proud of…. ahhhhh wanna share right now! Patience is a virtue.

Paris, je t’aime!

bomber jacket, Lover

shirt, Equipment

skirt, Zara

crystal loafers, Jeffery Campbell (borrowed from Jess!)

bag, After The Apple