Cala’n Blanes

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Pics, Nicole Warne

Referencing again era’s past in my attire here, which is always my favourite way to style myself – 70’s, 80’s, 90’s – i’ll take it all. Quite the classic look here, brought up to speed with my favourite round framed sunnies from Aussie designer Nick Campbell and silver (celine/marni inspired) Zara flats.  Snapped these at one of Nicole and I’s little excursions to the beautiful Minorcan beaches –  here Cala’n Blanes. I’ve obviously thrown my little filters on these to change colour but the water really is the most stunning blue and so clear. If it weren’t for the ripples I’m sure you could see right through to the sandy floor. I’ve been fortunate to travel to some gorgeous tropical and rugged beaches (my hometown Esperance has some of the best) but  I’ve never really seen this kind of Mediterranean beauty, sparkling blue inlets protected by rocks either side. You should have seen our faces as the water came into view on approach, both of us gape mouthed and reaching for our cameras – throwing around high fives. Minorca was even more gorgeous than either of us could have expected!! Photo Diary and Video still to come!

tie front shirt, Equipment 

jeans, Neuw

sunglasses, Nick Campbell

bracelet, Amber Sceats

sandals, Zara