This Is Barcelona

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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pics, Nicole Warne

Jetlag blog post number 1! Currently sitting in my lovely hotel room – rocking 4.30am in the morning, been up the past two hours… stuffing around around my clothes in the wardrobe and checking instagram obsessively. I promised myself I would try and stay awake till 8pm and barely made it to 7… pretty sure Nicole fell asleep before me though, we’ve been whatsapping and she’s also awake in her room. I would go and hang out with her but both of us should try and get another hour or two sleep before breakfast…

Opened a welcoming envelope from the team at Mango just now and discovered I’m going to have the chance to meet Scott Schumann tomorrow which will be a delight. Gladly we’re not being thrown into too many activities tomorrow, just a dinner and meet and greet. Also so excited to meet the other bloggers involved in the event – of course you can catch most of it on instagram and I’m going to try and make a video ala’ Tuula stylee of my time here so you can see a little bit extra.

Nicole and I ventured out yesterday afternoon for some Tapas and vowed to dress nicely (despite a mad desire for pyjama dressing) to take pics. So glad to be travelling with Nic – because we can help each other take pics, encourage each other to do great work and collaborate on ideas. After this event here in Barcelona we’re going to spend a week or so travelling in Spain before heading to Paris together to work on something very exciting.

dress, Rollas

trench and collar, Ruby Sees All

bag, After the Apple

rings, Estelle Deve

watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs

shoes, CMG