Written by: Zanita Whittington

I know I should really putting more images with this post but I’m in such a rush – I felt it was better to get something small up than nothing at all! I’m currently sitting in my hotel room  -it’s 7.23am- and at 8 I’m heading out on the street to finally have the chance to snap gorgeous Jules (Sincerely Jules). I’ve spent the last three days on the Mango Summer Experience – which was quite the whirlwind! I did vow to post everyday on this trip but it really hasn’t been possible – out at fabulous dinners past midnight coupled with long hours in the sun and severe jetlag has lent me to savour every inch of rest I could score… plus I’m a terrible writer when I’m tired. My blog posts would go – I wore a dress, it was a sunny day. The end.

So far my favourite part of the trip (if I had to choose only one) would  be getting the chance to invite along one of our instagram followers. Suddenly – instead of only 5 girls enjoying this experience – we had ten! It was kind of like getting the chance to pick a new friend haha! Thanks so much Rebecca from Raspberry & Rouge blog for hanging with me, best times ever.

More to come on the fun stuff I got to on this trip coming soon (hopefully very soon!!) – thanks so so so much Mango!