Written by: Zanita Whittington


(pics, Margaret Zhang. edit, me)

Dancing in an alleyway, an obvious cliche for any fashion blogger but hey, if you’re feeling that inaudible beat, why not rock out? Caught in a moment of cloudiness – and now I’m going to be so interesting and mention the weather here in Sydney and say holy heck, hasn’t it been amazing? I’m floored at how perfect the days have been – almost a little sad to be departing in three short weeks… I stress the almost – BRING ON BARCELONA! Can’t wait to visit this city – had the good fortune to visit Majorca a couple times in my modelling day – but you can’t really get that Spanish vibe in the really touristic places. Too many drunk British and German backpackers! Here’s a blog post I did all the way back in 2008 – with my cheap point and shoot camera – talking about modelling and travelling in Spain.

Looking forward to sharing more very soon!

jeans, Gstar

shirt, American Apparel

jacket, Manning Cartell

sunglasses, Nick Campbell

shoes, Beau Coops

watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs

bracelet, Angle Diamond Dot