Mixed Media

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Pics Sara Donaldson

A little late  to the party – but lately I’ve been really rocking the clashing prints on a pretty regular basis. Feeling a little bit of a style evolution of late, been inspired by a bit of glamour and upmarket chic. Perhaps you’ll see me in more dresses soon! Though one thing you’ll never see me in…. Singlets. For some reason I just don’t feel right without my shoulders covered… Guess we all have up hang ups – and mine likely extends from my having problem skin when I was younger. Either way, sleeves will always been a friend of mine.  Bit weird, c’est la vie.

I’ve really been trying to hard to blog every day lately but I’ve slipped a little this week – trying to catch up on preparations for a big trip to Europe and working numerous shoots over the week including one with a major babe who I don’t want to mention because I don’t want to jinx myself but…. ahhh wish I could spill! Anyways – follow me on instagram in the next couple days for updates. x


jacket and pants, Essentiel

bag, Rachel Ruddick

shirt, Cameo

bullet necklace, CC Skye

scarf (worn on bag), Get Me to New York

suede loafers, Just Ballerinas