Hey Sport

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Outfit-70c Outfit-70d Outfit-70b

pic, Sara Donaldson

Contradicting myself – I bang on about how I feel a style evolution coming on and here I am, sporty dressing once again. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks! But then again I guess I gotta milk this sport trend till it really dies otherwise half the pieces in my wardrobe will be a little redundant hey? The thing I love most about this sport trend is you can wear a) tracksuit pants in public and look cool and b) sneakers with jeans… who would have thought? These earrings by Luv Aj are possibly my new favourite jewellery. Blue metal baby!

3 days till I leave now for Europe and finally solidifying my plans, looking like Spain – France – Belgium – Holland and then maybe Sweden or Germany. Its getting fresh here in Aussie land so looking forward to checking out the Spanish summer weather…. and the content!!! Can’t wait to share my travels again. Lots of work and good times ahead.

tracksuit pants and tee, Glassons

shirt (wrapped around waist), Zara

vest, Han

sunglasses, Nick Campbell

earrings, Luv Aj

Octea watch, Swarovski

Zbag custom ring, Jennifer Zeuner