Goldmine Girl

Written by: Zanita Whittington


Live airport blogging! I’m sitting here at Sydney Airport with friend and fellow blogger Nicole Warne (of Gary Pepper fame) discussing the merits of being well hydrated on flights – despite my mad urge to drink wine in a most celebratory fashion…. Yay Barcelona! Yay Mango! Nicole and I have both made pacts to do our darndest to blog everyday and I want to try and share as much of my journey as possible on my blog… Hard work and good times ahead.

As for these pics – they are part of a little cameo I was enlisted for, the Neuw Denim Goldmine campaign – starring none other than model and fellow blogger, the incomparable 4th and Bleeker. So exciting to get involved! The Goldmine collection – themed on the Goldminers of old – metallic denims, worn and greased up looks – hard working chic. Photographed by in-demand Aussie photog, Darren Macdonald in an incredible secret location (I can neither confirm or deny Cockatoo Island) – I’m very grateful to have been along for the ride and to share with you this exciting new collection. Goldmine Baby!