Written by: Zanita Whittington

photo, Margaret Zhang

So I’m sitting pretty in Perth right now – and its an unusual feeling for me because even though I have loads of work to do – I feel a little like I’m in limbo while I’m here. In Australia – basically the entire fashion industry runs out of Sydney. I get a weird feeling while I’m in other places of Australia, like its all rushing on without me and I’m missing out on important work…. Though, I also feel that while I’m in Sydney – the entire northern hemisphere makes progress in a totally different direction. I’ve been working in the Aussie fashion industry for coming up to 9 years, being immersed in it for so long, I often forget how interesting it seems from an outside perspective. One of the reasons I feel like my blog ‘caught on’ in the early days was because I would often talk about what I was like working as a full time fashion model – and a rare and exciting career it is to have  – one that is largely determined by an accident of genetics, height, bone structure… and damn good will power to maintain a slim physique. I don’t really do any modelling anymore – I could if I wanted to – but my new path is far more rewarding. Actually being asked my opinion?! The luxury!! Anyway I’m totally rambling on now – but this is all in an effort to vow to write more about my industry and my experiences on my blog. I should know better than to avoid putting effort into this – because I am well aware of how lucky I’ve been with the opportunities I’ve had. I was raised in a remote community, on a farm – so far removed from the high flying fashion industry – dreaming of something more exciting and glamorous than what lay before me. My dreams came to fruition, not in the way I had anticipated at all (who would have thought 15 years ago that being a fashion blogger was a legit career path!?) but now I have a chance to share what I’m learning with people all over the world who share the same dreams. So much to come!

This pic btw was an attempted outfit post that I gave up on because I didn’t like the look of the flash. Only took a few shots, but when I loaded this one onto the computer I decided I didn’t mind the drama so much. And the cactus. I’m about that cactus.


top, Scanlan & Theodore

skirt, Carl Kapp

cuff, Mies Nobis