Mint Chip

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Pic, Candice Lake for Vogue UK

A fresh outfit I wore to the Lisa Ho show at MBFWA, one I only had the chance to wear for a short amount of time for fear I was going to have one of my heels break (it happens!)  – therefore I didn’t manage to get a snap of my own before changing and heading off to shows at the Carriage works. I wasn’t entirely sure about this ensemble being truly ‘me’ – mostly because I rarely wear white. I tend to spill coffee on myself everyday so this hue is usually a no go – plus I often have bad luck – and kinda fear that if I ever wore a white skirt in public, regardless of the time of the month, I would just spontaneously get my period. TMI truth. Candice told me however, that this was her favourite outfit I’d worn for the week – and with that girl’s impeccable style, I’d be stupid not to believe her on some level.

neoprene vest, HAN  (thanks Margs!)

shirt, American Apparel

skirt, Supermuse (coming soon)

heels, Beau Coops

sunglasses, Lookmatic