Material Time

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Silver shoe

I’m not usually one for heels. I’m just under six foot tall – so my prefered choice of daily footwear attire is the common plimsole or sandal. Something simple and classic. Lately however – it seems people are really into bloggers here in Oz – and I’m getting invited to loads of lovely events and to feel like a really classy lady, heels are a must. I’d love to say I’m comfortable wearing flats to events… but there’s something about it thats makes me feel so dowdy. Like I’m just schleped out of the office and into the scene… anyway. I also hate spending money on heels because I damage them so badly with my clumsy wine drinking antics… and when they are damaged you can’t resell on ebay! … who am I kidding…. I sell nothing on ebay.

These Costume National puppies are just my flavour. I refuse to wear anything without a block heel for comfort reasons and look at that strap! Surely we’re rocking some support here. Party shoes!!