De Negen Straatjes

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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My last trip to Europe was quite the whirlwind tour – and a little more stressful than the last few I’ve had over the past year for a couple reasons. One, I was mostly alone this trip which is something I would never usually mind because I love to drink in new surroundings solo, you gain a truly unique perspective this way – but it was freaking cold and windy and I wasn’t up for venturing outside often. Next was that I never stayed in one place for more than a few nights at a time, I was constantly on the move. When you’re lugging a 23 kg suitcase and 11kg backpack (this one is the killer!!) around constantly moving from place to place can really wear you down. My last few days in Amsterdam were over a weekend – and the chill factor reached up to minus 15 which for this poor little (not so little) Aussie lass was a bit much to handle, thus I spent the weekend in my room, staring at my computer, hugging a bar heater with a blanket around me. Monday however, out comes the sun – and there’s nothing like the way Northern Europeans celebrate a bit of sunshine. In the morning, though it was probably around 5-8C, people were sitting outside at cafes and chilling on the stoops in front of houses, soaking in every inch. I remember the first week I was in Germany a few years ago for modelling, it was the start of spring and there was no leaves on the trees and the air had a chill. Within two weeks everything turned around and suddenly there was sun and green everywhere – and to me it seemed that population of Hamburg had tripled! It was just that summer is such a precious commodity and is really celebrated in these parts. Reminds me not to take our gorgeous Aussie summers for granted, to get out and make the most. The sun is definitely most complimentary in these European cities though… And in Amsterdam, in the beautiful area of Nine Streets, where the leaves haven’t grown yet on the trees and the light floods through the branches… it was stunning.

photos by me 🙂