Zanita X New York Fashion Week Streetstyle Part 2

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Streetstyle-24a Streetstyle-25 Streetstyle-26 Streetstyle-27 Streetstyle-28 Streetstyle-30Streetstyle-31Streetstyle-29Streetstyle-32 Streetstyle-33 Streetstyle-34 Streetstyle-35 Streetstyle-36 Streetstyle-37 Streetstyle-38 Streetstyle-39 Streetstyle-40  Streetstyle-42

Presenting the second installation of my streetstyle work from NYFW, a few extra classic looks in this bunch – along with some accessory features. So much neon highlights to be seen! I have a bit of a dull ache in my chest now that I look back at these images – still pining for the Fashion Week action and I can tell you, September couldn’t come around soon enough!  Aussie fashion week is popping up in April, hopefully that will be enough of a fix to get me through.


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