Written by: Zanita Whittington


Busy as a little beaver today, the usual meetings – catching up on editing and more editing and more editing. Yesterday I embarked on a fun little project which involved a boat trip to a special location and may or may not have been photographed by the very talented Darren Macdonald and may or may not have included pics of the large tattoo on my back. May or may not be coming soon!

My outfit today, not really a whole lot to add other than these are happy pants – perfect for warmer weather and also for sitting at my office desk comfortably lounging around. Wearing my mustache slippers which have proven to be very popular.

Not alot more to add other than getting super excited for my trip to London! 4 More sleeps!

pants, Karen Walker

tee, Vintage

hat, Borsalino

shoes,  Zara