The Fisherman

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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(photos, Sandra Hagelstam)

Writing this post as I sit in my hotel room in Antwerp – I’ve had a whirlwind week traversing through 3 countries and working my butt off. My first assignment being an attendance at the My Wardrobe Style Summit last week with a group of fellow bloggers/friends. This is the outfit I wore to the event, mostly just peices I’ve featured before on my blog but with my new favourite warm friend, my AA fishermans sweater. I first spotted this baby on Nicole who was snuggling up and looking chic wearing during her downtown at NYFW. It became my mission to find one of my own but its not easy… why is that when you’re in Europe, approach spring, it’s still freezing cold and suddenly all you can buy in stores is summer clothing?! Anyway, grateful I was able to pick this up. Cosy and delicious!

I’ve obviously overpacked my one suitcase (that’s just my style) and so whenever I move city to city I have to wear all my heaviest and bulkiest coats and boots on my person. Thus these boots have become my travelling staple… but I do look like a bit of a bimbo in 6 inch heels lugging a 25kg suitcase and 11kg backpack. Fashion blogger for life.

Thanks to my new friend Sandra (5 Inch and Up) for snapping my pics!

Sweater, American Apparel

jeans, Zara

boots, Barneys Co-Op

chain rings, Linda Tahija

Zbag ring and bracelet, Jennifer Zeuner

earring, Gorjana

cuff, Tiffany & Co

Z leather cuffs, Identify

watch, TW Steel

all other rings and jewellery, Vintage