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Carolina in the Snowstorm

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Carolina-NYC-6  Carolina-NYC-4 Carolina-NYC-3 Carolina-NYC-2 Carolina-NYC-1

Was going to get up and edit a series of pictures just now – but one gaze outside my window at the beautiful sunshine here in Amsterdam this morning has convinced me to get off my seat, rug up and go exploring. Thankfully I have weeks of content in my arsenal so if you haven’t see these pics I shot of my gorgeous friend Carolina on her blog, then here they are. We snapped these in NYC of fashion week just as the first snow fall of the famous blizzard Nemo was setting in. It was getting pretty dark – which makes things tricky with movement, something I really love to shoot – but I always opt for upping the ISO rather than reducing shutter speed and embracing the grainy quality. It’s about romance. Pretty sure Carolina’s glowing skin helps bring a little extra light into the image anyway.

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