Antwerpen It

Written by: Zanita Whittington

I freaking love hotel rooms. Even really shitty ones. I can’t explain it other than I really like being stored in a little box of a room and having someone come in everyday and change my towels, make my bed. I also have a habit of immediately spraying all my possessions  all over the room like I’ve laid claim to my domain. While in Antwerp I was fortunate enough to be put up at the gorgeous Hotel O Kathedral – where upon arrival I made use of the gorgeous glass walled bath, listened to some Ben Howard, read Net-a-Porters The Edit and had a real zen moment. Total bliss. I also made use to my lovely sleek, dark walled room to shoot create a beauty editorial featuring my gorgeous friend Tiany which is coming soon. I didn’t really have loads of time to really explore Antwerp other than a couple early morning walks in the vicinity of my hotel, which was also conveniently located in the most picturesque and majestic part of town. Cheers Hotel O!

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