NYFW Photo Diary

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Back window of my Uber driving past central park / best french onion mouth-gasm soup ever from Balthazar / downtown Soho post Nemo / some dude giving me thumbs up yehhaa / Alex and the Fox at the Crosby / freakin’ baller front row at Karen Walker smoking an electronic cigarette  / Lee and Tamu doing their thang outside Prabal Gurung / downtown Soho post Nemo / model chart at Tommy Hilfiger / view uptown from Trump Hotel window / Man Repeller and posse arriving at Rodarte / Margs and the Fox rocking Nemo at the Lincoln Centre / babe at Tommy Hilfiger / red coated me in Times Square / Jess at the Lincoln Centre / babe at Tommy Hilfiger / Nicole at the Lincoln Centre / Empire at night / Fox, Jess and Natascha at the Lincoln Centre / the Armoury, Tommy Hilfiger venue / Cara at Tommy / streetstyle outside Rodarte / babe at Tommy Hilfiger / Barry the dog searching for his house keys / frosty traffic lights / babe at Tommy Hilfiger / More NYC / Shea doing her thang in Nemo / streetstyle outside Prabal Gurung / Tommy Hilfiger girls line-up / Nicole getting majorly swamped with photographers outside Prabal Gurung / me in Times Square / the tables have turned, me getting lensed / Ulyana and Shala outside Rodarte / Trevor the dog on an afternoon jaunt / Dude outside dude with THAT incredibly impractical Chanel bag (fashun!) / Brooklyn from the Trump Hotel /