Lacoste NYFW

Lacoste-1 Lacoste-2 Lacoste-3 Lacoste-4 Lacoste-5 Lacoste-6

(photography, Me)

This show was one of my favourites from NYFW, hands down. I wanted to wear everything! Sporty, graphic, sleek, easy-to-wear, chic Рworking on the puffy arms trend. I want the dresses Рespecially the kick ass leather ones in the first picture and the panelled jersey one in the last. Brilliant to find a range where the dresses are fitting to wear to fine social events and yet cosy enough arrive home, sit on the couch and finish off that left over pizza while still wearing it. Designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista is really doing brilliant things for this brand. Go Lacoste.