Girl with a Hat

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Borsalino 2

Took some selfies this morning in my new Borsalino. I’m a bit fan of wearing hats – but I’ve found my shorter hair doesn’t work so easily with my usual baseball cap. I found the perfect solution. More to come!

Now seems a good a time as any to announce some new travel plans! I’m headed to London on March 10th and after that to the Europe mainland. I’m counting down the days – no where makes me happier than being in Europe! So much to see and such a great vibe. So many great places for pictures too.  I know I say this a damn load – and sometimes I wonder how I even got here – but I’m super grateful to have landed in this position where I can travel and take pictures. In my modelling career I got to do a little of the same – but no one gave a shit about my opinion and I couldn’t even get a haircut without asking permission first.  Love bloggographer life. hehe

hat, Borsalino

shirt, Kemissara