Seeing Red

Written by: Zanita Whittington



To be totally honest I was a bit sad to leave New York but being back in LA in a more than sweet consolation prize. Back here to carry on with my secret spy work – and its all happening! I’m working with an amazing team and just to let you in on some cool business, there’s going to be so much video footage to share in the coming weeks! Very exciting shiz. As for my outfit,  this red Acne coat is my new best friend, the warmest thing I own and pretty sure once I get done with NYFW I’ll become know as “that red coat girl”… but represent fashion recyling huh? Best to wear everything more than multiple times – and ACNE ain’t exactly the cheapest (BUT ON SALE HERE – 50% off!). Been wearing these Nike Dunks around because they are so comfortable but also have a subtle heel – felt like I had done my dash with sneaker heels for awhile but these puppies aren’t so obvious and have me reinvigorated on the trend. Sue-ann told me I looked like a white P-Diddy when I got dressed this morning. Going to wear that as a compliment, ever the optimist.

sneaks, Nike Sky High Dunks (Liberty London Print)

tee, Stylestalker

coat, ACNE

jeans, J Brand

rose gold necklace, Amber Sceats

hat, Element