Marlboro Girl

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Outfit-a3 Outfit-a2

pics, Gala Gonzales 

I know so many people are gonna hate these ‘Mum jeans’ on me but I’m ever the sucker for early 90’s looks and I really can’t help loving them.  Feeling a bit like I’m running on empty at the moment – but totally self inflicted as I’m burning the candle both ends with work and socialising here in LA. One stellar thing I’ve conquered is getting behind the wheel, which is terrifying at first being that Americans all drive on the WRONG side of the road… and everyone drives ENORMOUS cars here. F-Trucks and muscles cars all over the place. Everything in LA is really larger than life!

coat, Stylestalker

hat and tee, Supermuse (coming soon)

jeans, American Apparel

boots, Cheap Monday

bag, Rachael Ruddick

necklace, Amber Sceats