Let’s Ride

This ultra smooth Dj Set is to thank for my productivity. Love Talul’s work – and hold out for the coolest Destiny’s Child – Say My Name remix somewhere in the middle there.


The Ant and the Grasshopper

Kinda disappointed I haven’t had a chance to do so much posting lately on my blog – but today is catch up day, so hopefully I can prepare enough content to get me through to...

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Zanita X Gary Pepper X Marcs

  So excited to present my Marcs campaign in collaboration with fellow blogger bestie and mega babe, Nicole Warne Aka the divine Gary Pepper Girl. Thanks so much to Marcs for allowing Nicole and I...

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Marlboro Girl

pics, Gala Gonzales  I know so many people are gonna hate these ‘Mum jeans’ on me but I’m ever the sucker for early 90’s looks and I really can’t help loving them.  Feeling a bit...



So fashion week is almost upon us and for the very first time ever, I will be attending NYFW to get amongst the scene. I’m mostly planning on getting crazy amongst the streetstyle crew so look out...

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Can’t get enough of this song – and even better the film clip, Dita Von Teese is perfection.

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One of the reasons I’m here in LA is to collaborate on an amazing new project, SUPERMUSE. I snapped these pics at our casting call at NEXT models and whipped them up in my own special...

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Seeing Red

  To be totally honest I was a bit sad to leave New York but being back in LA in a more than sweet consolation prize. Back here to carry on with my secret spy...


The Sweetest Sound

Not really new tracks at all – but some old favourites with irresistible beats. Perfect for afternoons on the weekend.

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New York Minute

  I love New York! I’m actually posting this as I sit in my bed, back in LA… contemplating my whirlwind trip to the Big Apple, the very first time I’ve been to this magnificent...

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USA Baby

So as promised my outfit for today – and I’m surprised at how fresh it gets here in LA! I’ve had this Country Road coat in my possession for a few years but being in...

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Day 3 in sunny and fresh Los Angeles, I’ve battled through some jetlag and have already got stuck into work and the many special projects I’ve got planned while I’m here (more on that to...