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Tropical Outtake

Written by: Zanita Whittington

I love a good outtake. Theres also something slightly less perfect about the image that means it doesn’t make the final cut – but something still draws you to it anyway, the mood or energy. The moment. I shot these in fairly low light – and being there’s so much movement, much of the shots erred to the side of being overly blurry or grainy. Suppose thats what I kind of like about them, the dark and ethereal mystery, like Margs is some night fairy come to visit at dusk…. and now I’m getting carried away – but I hope you can see the appeal. Can’t believe its been almost a month since the pair of us landed at Sri Panwa  – and its almost Christmas! I’m not ready for any of this. Someone pause time so I can catch up.

dress, Anu

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