Written by: Zanita Whittington

Sorry I look kinda pissed off in these pics – it was really that I was feeling a bit lazy and wasn’t thinking about my expression.  I was going to post this last night – but at 10pm, laying in bed pretty tired – I knew all I would manage was…. “i wore this outfit to the shops, the end’.

Probably the only piece of new clothing I haven’t worn on my blog is this cool J Brand chambray shirt – and I’m thinking it needs a few evenings of being worn while napping on the couch to really grow into its full glory, I’m sure you all know how much I love that worn in feeling. Haven’t worn these ASOS booties in awhile and can totally remember why… not the easiest to walk in… though maybe its because I haven’t spent a day in heels since last April at MBFW… which I’m now recalling is actually the last time I wore them (see HERE). Sometimes it really disturbs me how the blogging industry is with clothes – do bloggers ever wear the same thing twice? Well the answer is usually yes, and gratefully most bloggers have online stores and gift to charity bins and the like. I actually very rarely buy very much any more – I guess as much as the next person – but I do get gifted alot of clothing and accessories. It’s an obvious perk of being a known fashion blogger and I’m very grateful for it truly… but does someone want to come over and arrange my wardrobe for me because mine does not look anything as organised as Aimee’s ! Clothes clothes clothes (insert girly freakout).

bag, Rebecca Minkoff

chambray shirt, J Brand

skirt, COS

booties, ASOS

Harper sunglasses, Oscar Wylee