Hey Frosty!

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Sitting in my office 8pm at night, feeling kinda exhausted – but I absolutely HAVE to get up a post in time for tomorrow because Nicole (Gary Pepper) made me… you see my last post? It was my 666th post ever on my blog… and Nicole and I are doing a very important photoshoot tomorrow (today!) and it’s clearly an unlucky omen for my blog to be hosting this demonic themed post while we are working on this project (see IG for sneak peeks!). So with little inspiration other than a good hour perusing Matches – I’ve busted out this puppy. ¬†Winterspiration – because I’m in that New York state of mind, its it’s so frosty over there. I don’t really have any nice winter pieces to take with me – but I have been saving my pennies to splurge on a nice winter coat so I can’t wait to share that with you. No doubt I’ll try and take it for an inappropriate test run in LA in my overeagerness to share…

Very much looking forward to sharing what Nicole and I get up to tomorrow… especially because of the sweet wheels we have at our disposal…

sweater, Mih Jeans

booties, Stella McCartney

cloche hat, Stella McCartney

fleece and leather bomber, Francis Leon