Hawaiian Flava

Written by: Zanita Whittington

(pics, Margaret Zhang)

No secret Hawaiian style prints are the flavour of the month – my personal favourite I’ve been seeing around is the green and blue Ksubi palm print and I love the way Aprilia (Aprilia Love) has worn it here with an acid wash skirt. My shirt is by Aussie brand Elwood and my favourite element of this is actually the gorgeous fabric its made from – its a really delicate cotton, very light to wear.  Really feeling that 80’s floral print too… could almost be worn with a full skirt and a perm no? Reminds me of the kinda things my parents wore when I was really tiny. I’m a sucker for that kind of nostaligia.

Don’t really have many shots of this outfit because after just a few minutes of standing in the direct sunlight – I started sweating my ass off and gave up on getting a few good shots in favour of blissfully diving into the nearby pool. I can still remember that exact feeling of sweet cool relief so clearly, diving in, to surface with the biggest grin on my face. Can still smell the tropical air when I look at these pics. *Sigh*


shirt, Elwood

shorts, Vintage

shoes, Windsor Smith

shades, Oscar Wylee

hat, H&M

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