Cerulean & Blush

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Ahhhh help I’m wearing pink! What’s happening here?! Well obviously, its something to do with this Mayan calendar shiz and the world coming to its final days. Might as be as colourful and loud as possible right? And definitely not need to iron our clothes! We’ve only a short amount of time.

Sorry. Lame jokes I know – and you’re probably sick of them – because if your facebook friends are as original as mine your entire feed has been filled with “Stocking up on beer for the end of the world” or  “Spending my final hours watching Family Guy” etc etc etc….

Back to stuff I’m wearing! A cosy linen shirt from my own label, a little project I started a year ago but haven’t really followed through being that I’m more passionate about photography. The shorts are from Zara, I have these in navy and I really like the style – I find it suits my body type, my hips are pretty straight up and down and mid to high rise kinda works best. Wearing my Windsor Smith white sandals again… they are really starting to get dirty now! Can’t be helped, I’m just a bush whacker. Wore this outfit out to lunch in Perth, where I was staying the last couple weeks – going to be living between Perth and Sydney over the summer… well until mid January where I’m going to be jetsetting off to Los Angeles and then NYC!! I’ve been fortunate to travel to many places on this crazy planet and New York is yet to be ticked off my list… FINALLY!!!! Welling with excitement just pondering it.

rose gold necklace, Amber Sceats

shirt, Zanita

shorts, Zara

sandals, Windsor Smith

shades, ASOS