The Edit

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Just throwing up a pic I forgot to post weeks ago – a little gig I shot with Witchery – part of a blogger edit that you can check out HERE, featuring fellow bloggesses, Talisa Sutton (Badlands), Nicole Cooper (Confident Liar) and Jessie Bush (We the People).

Feeling pretty excited right now – tomorrow I’m under taking an exciting new project with models and swimwear – its going to be awesome!! So much fun. I’m really challenging myself with this one – aiming to shoot 30+ gorgeous Aussie babes. Can’t wait to share! One of the cool advantages of finally getting my portfolio website up and running is that agencies can recognise me as being totally legit. Not that I have had much of a problem before – its more just that I can’t expect every potential new client to have been following my photography career through my blog since its inception. Who really has the time? (Hint: other bloggers)

Feeling like ranting further about photography right now, I’m incredibly grateful for the generous comments I got on my 1995 blog post and though I would love to share more tips on how I achieve certain effects in my work – its not something I’m really willing to broach – being that its really taken me years to get to this point… I can’t look at my old pics now! How awful. Gotta appreciate the journey though. One tip I can give to fellow budding photographers and even fellow bloggers who want to improve their skills, pay attention to the way natural light wraps around the face. Don’t shoot in flat light ever – or in high light, aka the middle of the day…. with one exception. If you move you subject into a shaded spot in high light (Midday etc) the light bounces into the space from the ground nearby. The effect is very much like using a softbox. Lovely. You can see an example of this in the image above and in my  post HERE

Ok, Ill stop now.

Outfit, Witchery


Photography, Trevor King