The Age of Innocence

Written by: Zanita Whittington

I’m very pleased to present my editorial I shot last week, featuring stunning new face Jordan Murray (Priscillas), loosely inspired by The Virgin Suicides and recently posted as an exclusive for FashionGoneRogue. Wish I could find the time to do this every week! The most challenging part of shooting an editorial (besides the styling, which is also the most time consuming) is matching a decent location with a concept. Thankfully hanging out around Christabel’s house we discovered a few places on the street that worked for the story. What I’d give to have the Palace at Versailles at my casual convenience!

Hope you enjoy

Photography and Styling, Zanita Morgan (aka me)

Model, Jordan Murray

Make-up, Christabel Draffin

Hair, Jayde Turner-Ledwidge

1/ Dress, Zimmerman. Bra, models own 2/Dress, Fleur Wood  3/Dress, Zimmerman  4/Dress, Zimmerman 5/Shirt, Fleur Wood  6/Tee, Friend of Mine. Dress, Zimmerman   7/ Romper, Zimmerman  8/ Dress, Fleur Wood 9/Dress, Zimmerman. Bra, Models Own. 10/ Skirt, YB J’aime, tee, Friend of Mine.