Swim Time

Written by: Zanita Whittington


I’ve been so caught up being busy with my own assignments, work and the like – that I’ve barely been able to think about my pending trip to Thailand with Margaret which is happening in two-freakin-days! And now that I’m typing away I can feel my excitement rising because Margs and I are going to be all over it, so many ideas and ways to create content. Far out I feel lucky!

So its actually time to think about bikinis… and to be totally honest… I don’t think I’ve owned one in maybe a year. I’m stashed up now – and may even put a shot of my pasty self in a suit on my blog! The scandal! Have you ever seen my wear anything that even shows my shoulders on here? Eek! Nervous. I’m only human.

blue bikini , Lisa Marie for Peter Pilotto.

leopard bikini, Anna & Boy