How to: Paradise

Written by: Zanita Whittington

pics, Margaret Zhang

My friends are all hating me. I’ve been sending them pictures from where I’m presently residing – stunning Thai resort, Sri Panwa. Margaret and I have been lucky (times a thousand) enough to be invited here to do what we do – fashion blogging and happy snapping – and boy, do we intend to werk it!

So I’m really feeling a double dose of happiness right now – just ordered some room service and had a dip in our very own private pool, feeling the tension lift from my shoulders. Something about gorgeous holiday attire really makes me smile, the easier and breezier the better – and how could you not feel happiness wearing this beautiful Life with Bird lime dress. Comfort and style in the tropical humidity.

So looking forward to sharing what Margaret and I get up over the coming days – hoping to bust enough editorial content to last the coming weeks… this place is so inspiring! Got me google attacking tropical fashion eds for inspiration… though the location truly is enough. Please stick around we have so much coming!

These pics were taken at our villa… someone pinch me please.

dress, Life with Bird

sandals, The Mode Collective

sunglasses, Oscar Wylee

earrings and necklace, Gorjana

swimsuit, The Cassette Society

cuffs, Diva

We partnered with She’s Electric to make this trip happen. Check them out!