Blogger Collaboration

Coastal Butterfly

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Margaret and I have been biding our time – waiting for the right opportunity to combine forces and use Margarets ballet talents to create an editorial fit to represent them in their fine glory. For me the only option was to shoot it simply – and on Sri Panwa’s secluded beach in these beautiful flowing maxi dresses, the fit couldn’t have been more perfect.

Need I add more? I’m just so grateful to have the had this chance to capture Margs in action – and I can’t tell you how easy it was to get shots like this! The perfect mid air leap is truly an art that this girl has down pat. So incredibly beautiful and elegant.

I’m really hoping to plan another balletic style shoot with Margaret again soon, something flashdance, in studio… My mind runs a million miles ahead of me when I even start to consider it!

mint green maxi, Stylestalker

yellow and floral maxis, Zimmerman

white maxi, Morrison