Beauty Bonanza

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Its been and extremely long time since I last wrote a beauty post. I’m obviously a minimalist when it comes to wearing product and make-up – but I have a few favourites that I’ve grown to rely on over the years.  Here they are!


Bio Oil

I use Bio-Oil as an all purpose moisturiser on both my face and body. I have dry skin so I’ve never been adverse to using oil to cleanse and moisturise. I really love this product cos you know you aren’t putting any harsh chemicals on your skin – being that its one of two products I use religiously twice a day. Love that its inexpensive too – cos I practically drink the stuff.


SK II Facial Treatment Essence.

I was first introduced to this product as part of a two week challenge, using just morning and night after cleansing, before moisturizing. I was flawed at the effect it had on my skin after just two weeks – more radiant and clear. I’m a convert for life – and I know that this product rates on the more costly end of the beauty spectrum but for me, it lasts ages… maybe 3 months? So use for use it really doesn’t work out so bad.


Bloom Lip Stains

I sincerely can not live without this product. Its basically a texta or marker that you can use to stain your lips, doesn’t kiss off, wears naturally. I always have a problem wearing normal lipstick because I lack the self awareness to avoid getting it all over my face and clothes. I love the cinnamon colour because it looks like a lovely natural flush… without it my lips are practically the same colour as my face. Like a corpse…bleugh.


Maybelline Full and Soft Mascara

Not much of a story here, I have long and delicate blonde lashes and I find that most mascaras are too gluggy to look natural. Best thing about Maybelline is that its so cheap – but the mascara’s are really reputable. I’ve worked with 100’s of make-up artists over my career and I’m yet to find one that doesn’t have a Maybelline Mascara in their kit. Winner.


YSL Touche Eclat

Another product that virtually every make-up artist I know carries in their kit. Brightens dark circles like nothing else and lifts the whole face if you know how to use it. I love throwing my mascara, lip tint and touche elcat in my bag, doesn’t take up any space, it’s really all I need.


Mac Face and Body Foundation

Incredibly light foundati0n and another product I’ve learnt of through many years of having my make-up done by proffesional artists. Foundation is personal because everyone has a different shade of texture of skin. For me, this product has that barely there effect that has people commenting on how great my skin looks. Its about finding the perfect colour – and its great if you just want something light or want to building up for something totally flawless. Have used this foundation for 7 years now, tried others and just keep going back.