Summer Stuff

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Being that I’ve just returned from a not so short European Adventure means that I’m not exactly rolling in dough. The urge to splurge however, compels me, so I find that making lists and filling shopping carts with my favourite items most cathartic. Usually when I return the next day, later in the week, whenever… the need to buy said items has faded to a dim memory and I’m onto the next ‘must have’ item. Its a vicious and pointless cycle… but I’ll always do it because fashion is an ever changing beast needing constant attention. Above are a list of things I absolutely HAVE TO BUY. For at least 6 or 7 hours anyway.

Be still dear credit card, be still.

Alexander Wang Sandals

Stella McCartney Skirt

Pieces Bodil Sunglasses

Monserat De Lucca

Equipment Shirt

K Jacques Sandals

Nixon Watch

Sophia Kokosalaki Playsuit