Miss Vanessa

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Posting archive material again, this time I’ve got a little feature on my stunning friend  Vanessa Breuer . The great benefit of crossing over being a model to a photographer is that I was able to hassle all my hot friends to shoot with me. These images comprise of three separate editorials – that I shot around 2 years apart… The most recent (the lingerie story) was featured on FashionGoneRogue about a year ago HERE. The earliest one was great because I scored a perfectly calm afternoon at Iron Cove with the sky reflecting on the river… unfortunately I accidentally only brought one card to the shoot so I didn’t get as many pics as I would have liked. My stupid brain. Looking back I can see so much I would have done differently – technically – but again, this blog is the story of how I learnt to take pictures so in the end I’m proud of the journey its been. So convenient to have such a beauty at my disposal, Vanessa has been travelling the world working and has even worked from Victoria’s Secret since our shoot but I so look forward to catching up again – and maybe doing a follow up editorial! My dream one day would be to shoot Vanessa for a major magazine or brand…

Vanessa if you’re reading this – I miss you! Thanks again for lending me your talents to hone my skillzzzzzz xxx