Curtain Call

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Its lucky I’m jeans kinda gal because this year alone I think I’ve been gifted perhaps… 12 pairs? And its been awesome. This new pair from Neuw are my new favourites – and I’m not sure if you can tell from this pic but the texture is really what turns me on, its beautiful and has the feel of some expensive couch… Weird I know but totally luxe. Another contrast in my outfit, this t-shirt I bought from COS in Amsterdam, the shoulders are some rubberised fabric. Love that juxtaposition.

Don’t think I’ll get tired of pairing green with my new hair colour so be prepared for every shade of emerald, moss, chartreuse, olive… to file through my wardrobe over the coming months. Kinda wish it would stay cooler awhile so I can wrap up in my favourite green, gold and brown scarf  (worn here at London Fashion Week 09).

I’ve been counting down the days untill I’ve been able to share my new work with you for Stylestalker… and its coming next week! Finally! Its crazy sometimes the turnaround it takes for these kind of things… But the collection is so amazing and I’m so looking forward to getting my hot little hands on it.

I scored a conversation with Miss Jessica Stein this morning on Skype – promptly burst into to tears, overwhelmed to speak to her after a long hiatus, missing her like crazy and heartbroken I’m not still adventuring around the globe with her. One can’t have everything!  Thankfully I can now look forward to a trip to LOS ANGELES  and NEW YORK IN JANUARY. Its going to fly around sooooo quickly. Countdown!


shirt, COS

jeans, NEUW denim

belt, Zara

tote, Zara

booties, Cheap Monday