Blogger Collaboration

Collaboration Amalgamation

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Bit of a lazy post – but a summary of some the blogger collaborations I’ve done over the last six months. I love working with fellow bloggers, each brings their own unique flair and style to the table – and its so satisfying to work together to create content, editorial style images tailored to each girl’s personality and aesthetic. So looking forward to creating so much more of this kind of project in the future! I have my eye on alot of Sydney based bloggers so look out for more collabs with these girls in the coming weeks…

In Order

Sue-ann (Stylestalkerblog), Andy (Style Scrapbook), Nicole (Gary Pepper), Margaret (Shine By Three), Jess (Tuula), Andy (Style Scrapbook), Sara (Harper & Harley) , Columbine (Columbine Smille), Nicole (Gary Pepper), Jess (Tuula), Sara (Harper and Harley), Caroline (Fashion Squad), Margaret (Shine By Three).